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Services Performed:
Website creating

Masterpiece Technologies, a leading company in the Aerospace, Communication, Semiconductor, Medical, Printing, and Packaging sectors, approached me for their branding and website needs. With over 50 years of collective experience, they required a brand identity and a professional online presence to showcase their expertise and attract new clients.

Goals and Objectives

During the research process, I delved into Masterpiece Technologies' industry, analyzing their competitors and gaining insights into customer preferences. This informed a data-driven creative approach, resulting in a brand concept that perfectly resonated with their vision and values. I aimed to establish a strong visual identity, improve brand recognition, and provide a seamless user experience for their target audience.

Approach and Strategy

In the UX process, I dedicated meticulous attention to detail while developing prototypes that focused on delivering an exceptional user experience. Throughout this iterative journey, I continuously gathered valuable feedback from the client, which allowed for meaningful adjustments and refinements.
During the UX phase, I crafted intuitive and engaging prototypes, considering user flows and interactions.

Process and Execution

Discover our custom-designed icons. Each icon represents the unique solutions I've delivered to Masterpiece Technologies in their various projects.

Upon client approval, I shifted focus to UI design, presenting multiple options for the homepage and a representative internal page. I collaborated closely with the client, incorporating their feedback to refine and finalize the design of all pages.

I also prioritized the mobile version of the website, ensuring a seamless experience across different devices.


My deliverables included a complete brand identity package, including a logo in various formats, the original source file, and a Logo Style Guide. Additionally, I provided all UX prototypes, UI designs, graphic assets, and fonts used in the project.

Results and Impact

The successful collaboration with Masterpiece Technologies resulted in a compelling brand identity and a visually appealing website that effectively showcases their capabilities. The brand now stands out in their industry, attracting new clients and enhancing their credibility. The user-friendly website has increased engagement and allowed for seamless content updates through the WIX platform.