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Crafting a Distinct Brand Identity for


Services Performed:
Website creating

The solution transforms any Accommodation Provider into a high-class venue, allow any Host to provide services tailored around his Guest’s requirements, dynamically and way beyond the venue’s existing capabilities.

Goals and Objectives

Our objective was to create a brand identity for, an innovative B2B player in the hotel industry. The logo needed to encapsulate the essence of comfort, warmth, and guest satisfaction, conveying a sense of home-away-from-home for travelers.

Approach and Strategy

The project commenced with extensive research into the client's industry and offerings, culminating in the creation of several logo concepts. The chosen logo features a teddy bear, symbolizing warmth and comfort. The color palette, primarily neutral with a heart icon in the bear's design, adds a touch of sentiment, reinforcing the guest-focused approach.

Process and Execution

The selected logo underwent meticulous refinements to ensure it resonated with's vision.

Subsequently, a comprehensive Logo Style Guide was developed to maintain consistency.

The collaboration has since expanded to the development of a mobile application interface and dashboard interface, catering to both the client and hotel sides.


Upon project completion, we provided with the logo in various formats, including the source file, to ensure adaptability across a range of media. The Logo Style Guide, all prototypes, layouts, graphic assets, and fonts used during the project were included.

Results and Impact

The new brand identity effectively conveys the concept of comfort and guest-centric service that represents. The logo's sentiment and color palette reinforce the brand's essence. Subsequently, the development of the mobile application interface has facilitated user-friendly interactions between clients and hotels, marking a significant milestone in the project's impact.